This is rough humor with adult language. Not Safe For Kids, this is George Carlin we’re talking about!! I’d hate to think that what he talks about is true but, damn, if the glove fits…

**Save Medicare Rally**

After 50 years of Medicare, it is under attack! Join the National Day of Action to show that we want to protect, improve and expand this highly successful public program.

We will be asking Congressman Benishek to Protect, Improve and  Expand Medicare!


July 30, 2015


Congressman Benishek’s Office

307 S. Front St., Suite 120

Marquette, MI 49855

Bring a Sign!

Light Lunch to follow at the Vierling

Sponsored by:

U.P. Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

We have had several employees who are ONLY certifying for one week when they are supposed to be certifying for 2.   Employees have to answer the questions twice, whether they are doing it by phone or on the website.  Once for each week.

Here is a link to the SUB Pay Form. There is now a permanent link to it on the “LAYOFF LINKS” menu item at the top of the page.

ArcelorMittal Negotiations Proceeding Slowly as Company Seeks More Concessions

Our USW negotiating committee truly appreciates the support we are receiving from the membership at all ArcelorMittal locations. Your solidarity makes a huge difference as we continue to meet both internally and with management.

As difficult as it may be to avoid distractions while the company proposes major changes to our contract, please stay focused on our top priority – your safety and the safety of your coworkers.

While the committee reviews the proposal we received from ArcelorMittal management on Monday and works on our union’s response, we continue work on local issues and have received additional concessionary proposals from the company on other issues.

For example, the company proposed modifications to the current maintenance craft training program, including a provision that Tier 2 Craft Training take place during non-work time, unpaid.

The company has also proposed changes under “Shop Floor Productivity” that our committee is reviewing, but appear to be aimed at reducing and eliminating premium time for overtime with little or no effect on making our facilities more productive.

We will resume negotiations next week and re-engage ArcelorMittal management as we continue to work toward our goal of reaching a fair contract that addresses the needs of our members and retirees.

Remember the long lines at the gas pump and hard-working Americans struggling to fill their tanks because of the ‘70s Arab oil embargo? Well, some big oil companies and their political allies want to lift the crude oil ban that has helped our country avoid another economic and energy crisis. Why? So they can make more profit. If you think that oil drilled in America should be refined in America, sign our petition and help our fellow USW Brothers and Sisters: #‎USWWorks‬


It has been brought to my attention on the sub pay form some employees are feeling uncomfortable because of what the end of this statement says that they are certifying for (Below in red). This lay off is less than 120 days so they DO NOT have to register with MI Works. I told the people who called that they can just sign the form and send it in because they are meeting all requirements that are in effect for this lay off.  Someone specifically asked if they could cross out that section because of the issue that happened during last lay off with sub pay. I told them no but they could cross, with one line, the portion about active registration as shown below.

I certify that, as of my date of layoff, I had two (2) or more years of continuous service and that during the weeks covered by this application, I was LAID OFF, available for work, and maintained an active registration with my state employment service.

Employees were told at the lay off meetings that their recall date was 10.18.2015 and if the layoff goes past that we will update them to register for work with Mi Works. That means they would have to put a resume online with Mi Works.  This is different than the seeking work requirement which they do have to conduct (2 per week) in order to receive UIA.