A letter Cliffs mailed to retirees includes Health Care cost increases that we (the USW) believe have been incorrectly calculated and subject to ongoing bagaining with the USW.
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We attended an informational meeting about this topic and we were asked to send emails to whoever we know downstate about this subject. This is a serious topic that is draining a lot of tax dollars from local communities UP here and is headed downstate, and potentially nation wide. It’s a tax loophole that stores in Marquette are using to, well, basically fuck us. We are the canary in the mine and they (the “big box” stores) are raping us UP here and seeing if they can get away with it. If they succeed then they will come after every other market that they can. It’s really not a political party thing, we just had an informational meeting on it in Marquette and it was attended by all walks of life; democrats, republicans, teachers, law enforcement, road commission people, professors… the list goes on. At the very least click the link below and sign the petition but, if you can, please disseminate this information.

We feel strongly about this and are going to do what we can.

This loophole HAS to be closed somehow! Indiana closed it but we’ve been dealing and fighting it for years now and the tax tribunal hasn’t budged.

PLEASE sign the petition (this goes beyond political affiliations, MoveOn.org is typically a democratic organization but please ignore that if you’re a republican. Do a little research on it, Dark Stores, or talk to people that know about Dark Stores and you’ll see why) This is HUGE:


If executive pay was linked to corporate performance (share prices), then stock options are (and still are) a bad way of incentivising because what they (stock options) encourage firms to do is distort accounting to get their share price up.

They’re also unfair because they (the company) get rewarded if the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates and the stock market prices go up.

i.e. If you were running a farm, for example, and the price of water/fertilizer/cow shit declined you (the Farmer) would be paying less for a basic need (water/fertilizer/cow shit) and the stock of your farm would, probably, go up.

Did the CEO of your farm make that decision for the price of water/fertilizer/cow shit to go down? More than likely no, (he may have been in cahoots with the water/fertilizer/cow shit companies but do you see any CEOs wearing bibs full of water/fertilizer/cow shit) but he would benefit from it thereby using a nice little “loophole” in our governing system to make the rich richer.



Negaunee City Counsel Members and City Manager Attempt to Break Union

Click the following link to learn more:  AFSCME

There will also be a rally at Ronn Hall in the near future to show support