The Upper Peninsula Regional Labor Federation (UPRLF) President Mike Thibault released the following statement on Rep. Beau LaFave (108th Dist.) and Republican legislature’s vote to repeal the prevailing wage law:

“Rep. Beau LaFave’s vote to repeal prevailing wage puts greed and corporate profit over the livelihoods and paychecks of our skilled trade workers. Prevailing wage laws act to level the playing field on wages, incentivize competition through productivity, adherence to budgets and schedules, safety, efficiency and reputation rather than a race to the bottom on wage. The overwhelming consensus among economists is that they have done just that, with no impact on overall project costs, but additional public benefits such as less poverty, higher economic activity and more workers with money to spend in their local communities.

Perhaps most importantly, prevailing wages help support the largest system of privately financed vocational training in the country — skilled trade apprenticeship programs — enabling those interested in construction to acquire the training they need to build a career in the industry.

Now more than ever we need to protect Michigan workers and provide ample opportunity for people to pursue a successful career in the skilled trades. LaFave put his political interests over the welfare of his constituents. He says he wants to fill the growing demand for skilled labor and keep jobs in the U.P., but talk is cheap, and his vote is proof.“

Thanks to our U.P. Reps and Senator who voted against repealing prevailing wage today: State Representative Sara Cambensy, Scott Dianda, Senator Casperson