Rep. Cambensy Improves U.P. Mining Bill video.


State Rep. Sara Cambensy (D-Marquette) testified in the House Natural Resources Committee today on a package of Senate bills to streamline the permitting process for U.P. mines. Her amendment to Senate Bill 839, addressing the Department of Environmental Quality’s response to permit requests and approval of modifications to underground workings of a mine, was adopted.

This is a big deal.

Sara Cambensy introduces House Resolution 303 video.


House Resolution 303 is a resolution to endorse continued investment in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. and to encourage a partnership between the state of Michigan and Cleveland-Cliffs to support Cliffs’ reinvestment in the Empire Mine in Richmond Township.


Tony Lakenen: 116

Ryan Underwood: 126


Tricia Anderson: 146

Brad Soloman: 98


John Tasson: 137

Dan Rader: 106


Dan Johnson: 70

Jack Jarvi: 180

Steve Narhi: 138

Jake Johnson: 182

Mike Swanson: 107


Paul Aho: 177

Dan Rader: 160

Tony Lakenen: 153

Don Johnson: 136

Mike Swanson: 140

Jack Jarvi: 182

Tricia Anderson: 172

Steve Narhi: 172

Brad Soloman: 161

Jake Johnson: 198

Dan Johnson: 94

Mike Gregory: 182

John Tasson: 199


Larry Martin


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The following message was forwarded to us:


So, everything going on with the hospital lately has just made me sick inside!! I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I knew I had to contact someone, ANYONE, from DLP and tell them directly how I felt about what was happening. I didn’t want to send an email or write a letter than can easily be disregarded I wanted to speak to a real person. I found the Ethics and Compliance Hotline for DLP and called – the lady I spoke to actually sounded shocked herself when I told her what was happening!! They are there 24/7 and anyone can call and file a formal complaint that is forwarded to corporate; the more community members that call and continue to have their voices heard WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE the number is 1-877-508-LIFE.


Please come out in a community show of support

Sunday October 8th, Noon to 4pm

College Ave near the parking ramp.
At 7am today our local Marquette nurses were denied access to return to their jobs and their patients. Our community needs to let Duke LifePoint know they are accountable to the entire community for their actions.

Support the Nurses

USW Members, Family and Friends

Come walk with the Nurses in Solidarity

Let’s show Duke LifePoint how we USW Members Support our Local Nurses

Currently the UPHS Nurses of the MNA Union are slated to strike Duke LifePoint on Thursday Oct. 5th and Friday Oct. 6th.

The Nurses have additional bargaining dates and mediation scheduled before Oct. 5th.

The Nurses have been in contract negotiations with Duke LifePoint since April 18. A two-month extension expired on July 28, and RNs have been working without a contract since. These Nurses have been dealing with unsafe staffing levels.

Now is the time for Duke LifePoint to do the right thing for patients – guarantee safe RN staffing levels and a hospital environment that will attract and retain nurses for years to come.

We will post additional information as it becomes available

Nurses are required by law to give the hospital 10 days’ notice before striking.

Nurses of the Duke LifePoint UPHS are Union members of the Michigan Nurses Association – MNA