There are several postings on the SGI website as well as at Michigan Works for laborers, quarry supervisor, and journeyman electricians. The current wage rate for the laborer position is $18.93/hour – there is an 80% rate for 6 months and a 90% for the next 6 months. If you are trained and filling in for another production position, you will receive the same 80% and 90% pay for that position until you reach a year seniority. The pay for the industrial journeyman electrician is currently $32.73/hour.

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If you have completed a preferential hiring form and are interested in applying for craft positions at United Taconite or Hibbing Taconite, please apply for those positions on the Cliffs Natural Resources website.


Click on Careers, Job Locations and select Minnesota Jobs

A representative from the Minnesota mines will be at NMU on Friday, September 2, 2016 administering craft written testing for those employees who qualify. If you would like to be considered for this local test date, please apply by 5:00 PM on Thursday, September 1, 2016. The United Taconite or Hibbing Taconite Human Resources Department will contact you directly for testing if you qualify. Employees can still apply after this date but you may need to travel for testing.

The following positions are listed on the Cliffs website:

United Taconite LLC:

Maintenance Mechanic Journeyman (Plant Repairperson)

Weldor Journeyman

Electronic Technician Journeyman (performs work of Electronic Repairman and Field Electrician)

Sheetmetal Worker Journeyman

Automotive Mechanic Journeyman

Plant Operations & Maintenance Technician

Hibbing Taconite

Automotive/Diesel Mechanic

Mine/Plant Equipment Operators

A tentative agreement has been reached and will be brought back with support of your committees for a positive ratification vote. It resembles the pattern agreements of US Steel and ArcelorMittal in protecting healthcare plan design for all active and retirees. We rolled the retirees monthly premium back to a reasonable rate and continued the active healthcare without a monthly premium. Some of the positive economics of the pattern were gained at Cliffs in a signing bonus that will be paid to include our brothers and sisters shifting to a permanent layoff status this summer with the indefinite idling of the Empire Mine. We will attempt to keep the economic details in the hands of Steelworker and out of social media. A full summary will be mailed to all members for review prior to the ratification vote.

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